Tears Optional


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Things have been picking up in my little world of financial domination. There have been a LOT of losers who are broke and waste my time, and some who just randomly throw money my way then I never hear from them again. This just goes to prove that the male race is completely RETARDED, seriously, I honestly think that there is something wrong with the male mind when it comes to mental capability. Half of you are so hard when you contact me that you cant form a proper sentence, while the other half think its ok to DEMAND me to call you things, or to blackmail you without a contract in place!!!! The contracts are there for a reason idiot!!! Either use them or I have no use for you at all! you will be blocked. 


Give me your tax return


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Just a reminder for all my slaves….remember, when you get your tax return that it belongs in my hands!! You don’t know what to spend that money on so you should just give it to me. You love to spoil and please me…so make it happen!

Whats yours isn’t REALLY yours….IT’S MINE!!!!


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So you think that your money is better suited to be sitting in the bank collecting dust? Or maybe you think your wife needs it more than me? 

Think again losers. your money is better off in my hands!! Sign up to take on my expenses, or better yet, give financial slavery a try. If your really a nut case then you will email me about blackmail and have me take over complete control of your life!


I want your money and I want it now! No more excuses.