Adopt my Expenses & Pay your Taxes!

So, you think that you have it in you to adopt my personal expenses and take them on as your own? Well, if you are an extremley good loser then you will do as your told and adopt as many expenses as possible. Its not like I should have to pay for my lifes little luxuries! right?

If you wish to adopt an expense of mine you may email me at

Hair Cut & Color Monthly- $200

– I like to keep my hair looking beautiful so that I am constantly teasing my subs with my beauty. I am known for my long dark thick Italian hair. Adopt this expense and you will be making sure that I am always leaving home with gorgeous locks.

My dogs hair cut- $50

– My puppy needs to be well taken care of as well, this expense is for a special kind of loser who is lower than dog shit. My dog is more important than any slave. Make sure that he is looking gorgeous at all times.

Clothes Expense for date night- $200 (monthly)

– Maybe your a cuckold and want to pay for the clothes that other men get to look at on my body, or maybe you are just such a wimp that the only way you can have any sort of interaction with me is through spending money on me…In any case, I want you to devote yourself to paying up each month.

Shoe Expense- $200 (monthly)

– I love shoes, and I love trampling my subs with my shoes, and having them licked clean…be the special sub that gets to pay for my shoes.

Girls night out- $75 (weekly)

– I need to have my weekly meeting with my girls. We sit and laugh about the pathetic men in NYC and how easy it is to manipulate their minds. Be part of the convo by paying for my nights out. I will tell my girlfriends how some pathetic loser is paying for my drinks while he sits at home.

Apartment Rent- total $2,400 (this can be split into smaller payments with various losers)

– This is for a special idiot who wants to make sure that I am always living in the lap of luxury. You will be the cats meow and get extra special attention for making my life a bit easier.

Car Payment- $320

– I hardly use my car, but I still have to pay my monthly payments. Take over my payments for me so that I can use my money on other things…like shoes and makeup:)

Mani & Pedi- $50 (weekly)

– For all you foot freaks…

I also accept random weekly donations, email me for details!


Time to pay your taxes losers! Have you been wanking or jerking to my clips or pictures? OF COURSE YOU HAVE! So now its time to pay Mistress Jayden the taxes for having your dick hard by my perfection….

Cum Tax- $25

-This should be self explanatory, but since 99% of you are dumber than a bag of shit I will need to explain. This is for when you cum…whenever you cum you pay ME!!!

Loser Tax-$50

– This is for when you are feeling like such a loser that you visit my page daily and cant stop thinking about what it would be like to be with me. If you a huge loser and have never tributed me before then you need to pay this tax….NOW!

Pathetic Loser tax-$75

-This is for the Pathetic Loser, the sub/slave who literally thinks that I care at all about him. I don’t! I just want your money and then maybe I will give you 5 minutes of my time. Pay your taxes because you know you are too pathetic for anything else.

Tiny cock tax- $100

– If your cock is smaller than 6″ then you should be paying this tax to me monthly. No one wants anything to do with the tiny cock that you have hiding in your pants. Its pathetic.

Married loser tax- $120

-For the sneaky married subs who like to give me their wifes money. You need an extra expense in your life and this is it. Pay your taxes to me monthly before I find a way to contact your wife!

I secretly love to take cock tax- $150

– This is my favorite tax to collect. I know you want a big fat cock in your ass but your too scared to do it. I also know that you wish you could be on your knees sucking cocks for a living and guzzling down cum….Pay me your taxes and your secret stays hidden.

For any other taxes that I havent heard of, you may email me and I will add your tax to my list if you are lucky!


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