Financial Slavery

For the pathetic pigs who think they can serve me. You MUST fill out this form and complete it by sending it to. to be considered. NO ACCEPTIONS
1 )I understand that my true purpose in life is to serve Mistress Jayden as her Financial slave as of  March 2013 until  August 2013
2 ) I am to make regular financial monthly payments of ______ to Mistress Jayden with any extras required ( not exceeding and agreed limit)
3 ) I agree to be devoured financially to please my Mistress. The financial amount of the devouring will be at her leisure and demand.
4 ) The slave will answer any questions put to him honestly and directly, and will give any information his Mistress should know about his financial position. While his Mistress expects her slave to speak honestly and forthrightly about anything that bothers him, he is not to interpret that as permission to whine or complain. He will phrase his concerns politely and respectfully, and then gracefully accept his Mistress’s judgment in these matters without further complaint.
5 ) I will now, in the space provided enter the detailed information to be used for the purpose of financial blackmail and humiliation should I attempt to renege of any part of this financial slavery contract.
Home phone number.
Home address.
Wifes phone number. ( If applicable and required )
Business address.
Business phone number.
Bank details.
6 ) I will greet her daily via e mail, text or call, even if it is only to say hello. I will ask permission before I make a call and should Mistress request me to make a call to her i will do everything within my power to do so or accept a financial penalty.
6 ) I am aware that this is a 6/12 month financial contract and that if I ever for any reason desire to beg out of this contract, I will to have to pay her a “buy out” of ________ to be released.
7 ) I beg humbly for Mistress Jayden to accept me and to take me as her financial slave from the above date onwards for a minimum contracted term of 6 months.
I, ——-, fully understand and agree to all the above named terms and am of sound mind and I have not been forced into this contract, but have begged her for it.
Signed … [ slaves name to be inserted ]

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